Investing in your future

Pii Holding’s reputation has always been defined by expert management of large-scale commercial properties, outstanding management and successful implementation of impressive visions of the highest quality.

“Sustainable investments
for a successful tomorrow.”

Private Equity und Real Estate
Reaching the goal with competence and reliability

Our management holding company stands for a deep and forward-looking approach to financial strategies. We understand the complexity of markets and use our deep expertise to make intelligent decisions that create long-term value. With a team of experts who are leaders in their respective fields, we bring together a broad range of capabilities to ensure optimal performance and sustainable growth.

Private Equity im Wandel der Märkte
Strategies for success

Adaptability and innovative strategies are key to any triumph in the world of private equity. Experience long-term success through Pii-Holding’s expertise and flexibility. Invest in your future – with us at your side.

Real Estate:
Investing in stones and opportunities

Bringen Sie durch Immobilieninvestitionen langfristigen Wohlstand in Ihr Leben, indem Sie eine solide Grundlage für finanzielle Stabilität schaffen. Von Wohnimmobilien bis hin zu Gewerbeobjekten – Mit unserer Expertise wird Ihre Immobilieninvestition zur sicheren Zukunft.

Financial Holding:
Capital on the move

In the dynamic world of finance, everything revolves around movement and constant development. Our management holding company acts as your reliable financial holding company to make the best use of your capital. We rely on a highly skilled team of financial experts to identify the best opportunities for your growth and return in the exciting and often volatile world of markets. Your financial growth is our driving motivation and we will guide you step by step along the way to build a solid foundation for your future financial security.

Success through excellence

The deep-rooted values shared by our team members form the fundamental backbone of our success. They are at the heart of our corporate culture and serve as a guiding compass for our actions. These shared values strengthen our cohesion, foster effective teamwork, and enable us to achieve our ambitious goals while continuously striving for excellence.


• Industry-leading expertise
• High level of expertise
• High level of commitment
• Strategic partnerships


• Responsible investment
• Risk assessment and minimization
• Open reporting

• Continuous process improvement
• Research and development
• Promotion of corporate culture



• Environmental protection and resource efficiency
• Promotion of renewable energies
• Social responsibility



Operational Holding:
More than just numbers

Our partnership is based on a deep commitment to the projects we support, and we do everything we can to optimize both the financial performance and operational excellence of our investments.

Shaping the future together

Seize the opportunity to be part of the change.

Do you share our vision?

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Frequently Asked Questions

A strategy holding company focuses on long-term planning and vision. It develops strategic measures to ensure the growth and success of its subsidiaries

Investing in a management holding company provides a unique opportunity to invest in multiple companies and industries at the same time, while experienced professionals guide the fortunes.

Partnering with Pii-Holding gives you access to a wide range of expertise and resources. Our common goal is to achieve long-term financial success. Whether you are a visionary entrepreneur or an experienced investor, with us you will find support and tools to realize your goals.

Companies are selected through thorough analysis and evaluation. We look for companies with strong growth potential, solid business models and innovative visions. Our experts use extensive industry knowledge to identify promising opportunities that promise long-term success.