Strategic transformation:
targeted dismantling and reorganization

Position yourself for future success by using your resources and potential efficiently and strategically changing your business.

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Strategic outsourcing for optimal performance

The carve-out is a strategic measure in which a specific business area or business unit is separated from an existing company in order to operate it independently.

This separation is about increasing focus and efficiency in both the spun-off entity and the remaining company.

At Pii-Holding, we offer you our many years of experience and expertise to accompany you through the carve-out process and achieve the best possible results.

Spin-Off Carve-Out:
Independence and Growth

In a spin-off carve-out, the spun-off unit is established as an independent company that operates independently on the market. This can be achieved by selling company shares to investors or through an IPO. This approach makes it possible to exploit the full potential of the spun-off unit while at the same time focusing the remaining company on its strengths.

Carve-Out M&A:
Increasing value through targeted transactions

The carve-out process can also occur in the context of M&A activities. Companies can spin off or acquire certain parts of their business. Pii-Holding supports the planning , execution and integration of such transactions to ensure that strategic goals are achieved.

Carve-Out Definition:
The key points at a glance

The carve-out is a comprehensive and strategically significant initiative in which a company replaces parts of its existing business activities in order to establish them as an independent entity. This separation makes it possible to pool resources in a targeted manner and increase efficiency in both areas of the company.

The carve-out is a complex process that requires careful planning and implementation. It offers the opportunity to make companies more agile, focused and competitive. As an experienced partner, Pii-Holding supports companies in making the carve-out successful and making optimal use of the associated opportunities.

Carve-out example:
Illustration in practice

An example of a carve-out would be if a consumer goods company decides to spin off its logistics division as a standalone company . This would allow the company to focus on its core business while the logistics unit offers its services to the market

The carve-out is a strategic decision that should be planned carefully. Pii-Holding supports companies as an experienced partner to accompany them through every step of the carve-out process and ensure that the desired goals are achieved. If you would like to find out more about our carve-out services, please feel free to contact us.

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Companies use carve-outs to sharpen their strategic direction, focus on core activities and maximize the value of specific units.

Pii-Holding helps identify and overcome these challenges.

Pii-Holding offers comprehensive advice, resources and expertise to ensure the carve-out process runs smoothly and achieves optimal results.