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Your bridge to growth financing:
Private Equity Berlin

In the exciting world of business, there is a crucial player in the growth of companies: private equity. In Berlin, in the heart of the start-up scene, Pii Holding is your partner for solid investments and sustainable development.

Your investor in Berlin:
The diversity of business life

As an investor in Berlin, Pii Holding is part of a vibrant community of innovators and pioneers. Here in Berlin, the epicenter of the start-up scene, we strive to identify opportunities and help companies realize their visions.

Early Stage Investor:
Together on the path to success

As an early stage investor in Berlin, we are here to accompany promising start-ups on their journey. We recognize the potential in early stages and provide funding and expertise to support and accelerate innovation.

Private equity briefly explained:
Investments for growth and increased value

Private equity refers to the investment of capital in companies to promote their growth and increase their value. Essentially, it is about providing companies with additional capital to drive expansion, innovation and market development.

  • Private equity investors invest capital in unlisted companies.
  • Investments usually occur through private negotiations between investors and companies.
  • Investors receive equity in the company in exchange for their investments.

This form of financing offers companies the opportunity to achieve their goals, while investors have the chance to benefit from the companies’ positive developments .

Berlin start-up scene:
Where dreams become reality

The Berlin start-up scene is more than just a place – it is a movement. We are proud to be part of this movement in the burgeoning “Berlin Valley” and to help young entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful companies.

Private equity companies:
grow together, be successful

Private equity companies are companies that are not listed on the stock exchange and are financed through private equity investments. This is how we want to lead the company on the path to growth. We not only bring companies capital, but also expertise and networks to take them to the next phase.

Frequently asked questions

Private equity investments provide companies with access to capital, expertise, and networks that help accelerate growth and realize vision.

Berlin offers a unique combination of creativity, talent, and innovative spirit. The city attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to realize their business dreams here.

We select potential investments based on a thorough assessment of the business opportunity, market potential and the company’s ability to create long-term value.