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Pii-Holding combines expertise and passion to increase the value of your properties and give you a worry-free real estate future.

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Professional real estate management with Pii-Holding:
your key to long-term success

Building your existing portfolio was successful and now you want to ensure that your investments remain successful in the long term? As aspiring real estate experts, we at Pii-Holding know that competent property management is the key to the long-term success of real estate investments. That’s why our focus is on optimizing your real estate investments and enabling you to manage them worry-free.

We want to ensure that your real estate portfolio not only remains successful , but also grows steadily and increases your capital in the long term . At Pii-Holding we work hard to ensure that you can sit back while we take care of the rest.

Our professional
real estate management – ​​your advantage

  • Careful inventory management: We take care of the comprehensive management of your real estate portfolio. From tenant acquisition to maintenance – we keep an eye on everything.
  • Cost efficiency: Efficient property management not only saves time but also money. We optimize your operating costs and increase your returns.
  • Preservation of value: The long-term preservation of the value of your properties is of particular concern to us. We ensure that your investments retain their value and grow in the long term.

Real Estate Law and Compliance:
Safe and Legal

At Pii-Holding , we consider adherence to legal regulations and compliance standards to be an essential part of our real estate management. Real estate law and legal requirements are constantly changing and that is why we do everything we can to ensure that your property management and investments are always up to date with the latest legal standards.

Our experts are very familiar with the complex legal aspects of the real estate industry and actively use their specialist knowledge to protect you from legal risks.

Real estate development:
exploiting potential

The development of real estate potential is an important focus of our real estate management. We identify opportunities to increase the value of your real estate and focus on:

  • Conversion and new construction: Through intelligent planning and project development, we increase the potential of your properties.
  • Modernization: We carry out modernization measures to meet the current market requirements.

Reporting and communication:
Transparency for your success

At Pii-Holding we go beyond property management to ensure you are always well informed and able to make informed decisions for your property portfolio. Our service includes:

  • Regular reports: We prepare detailed reports on the performance of your properties and the status of management activities. This means you always have a clear overview.
  • Tailored analysis: We provide you with tailored analysis and recommendations to make informed decisions and optimize your portfolio.
  • Communication with owners and investors: We are your link to owners and investors. We communicate transparently and professionally to build trust and achieve common goals.

Frequently asked questions

Real estate management refers to the management and maintenance of real estate portfolios to ensure their long-term success. This includes tenant acquisition , maintenance, value enhancement and legal compliance. It is important because it helps maintain and increase the value of your investments.

Outsourcing to Pii-Holding allows you to concentrate on your core business while we take care of the management of your properties . This can save time and resources.