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Our responsibility”

Selling a GmbH with Pii-Holding:
Your path to a successful exit

If you are thinking about selling your GmbH, Pii-Holding is your trustworthy partner. We offer you comprehensive support in selling your GmbH and will be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best value from your business.

Trust in Pii Holding:

  • Experience : We have extensive experience in successfully selling companies.
  • Expert knowledge : Our experts offer sound advice for a smooth sales process.
  • Strategic advice: We support you in planning an optimal sales strategy.
  • Negotiation skills : Pii-Holding maximizes the sales price through professional negotiation.
  • Discretion : We act confidentially to protect your sales process.

Selling your GmbH shares with Pii-Holding:
A strategic step for your success

Profit from the investment by selling GmbH shares. Selling GmbH shares is a demanding process. Pii-Holding supports you with  comprehensive expertise  to ensure that all legal and financial aspects are considered conscientiously. Our goal is to ensure a smooth sales process.

As your  reliable partner  , Pii-Holding will accompany you in finding the right buyer and ensuring a seamless transition.

Selling GmbH shares tax-free:
Your opportunities with Pii-Holding

Pii-Holding works to identify tax-optimized solutions to make the sale of your GmbH shares as efficient as possible. Trust us to find ways to minimize your  tax burden  and achieve the best possible results.

Tax foresight when selling a GmbH:
Pii-Holding as your partner

The  taxes  on an LLC sale can be significant. Rely on Pii-Holding to get a clear view of the tax implications and ensure that your tax situation is optimized. We ensure that you are always on the  safe side  and that all relevant aspects are taken into account.

GmbH sold:
Who takes responsibility after the sale?

After a successful GmbH sale, your liability as a seller ends. The buyer of the GmbH assumes future responsibility for business activities and obligations. Pii-Holding will accompany you safely through this transition.

Selling GmbH:
Experience and expertise with Pii-Holding at your side

Selling your GmbH requires specific experience and expertise. Pii-Holding brings extensive expertise to the process to ensure that you benefit from professional support. Trust in our support for the successful sale of your GmbH.

Contact us to learn more about our limited liability sales services and how we can help you.

Frequently asked questions

Pii-Holding uses an extensive network and targeted approach to identify potential buyers and get the best deal for you.

Selling a GmbH can lead to tax consequences. Our experts analyze your situation and offer solutions for optimization.

The employees of a GmbH are usually taken over by the new owner after the sale. This is usually regulated in the sales agreements.