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Buy a GmbH with Pii-Holding:
Your path to established companies

If you want to buy a GmbH, you can count on the comprehensive expertise of Pii-Holding. As a management holding company, we specialize in acquiring existing GmbHs and adding them to our portfolio. Whether you are looking for purchasing opportunities in Berlin, throughout Germany or beyond, we are your partner in identifying, evaluating and acquiring companies.

Buy GmbH shares:
A strategic step

Purchasing GmbH shares opens the door to an existing company. With Pii-Holding, you can rely on our extensive experience and expertise to make the best decisions for your investment portfolio.

Buy a GmbH Berlin:
Opportunities in the capital

Berlin offers a wide range of business opportunities . Our experts at Pii-Holding specialize in identifying and taking over promising companies in Berlin and the surrounding area.

Buy an existing GmbH:
Experience meets potential

Purchasing an existing GmbH is one way to quickly enter the business world. With Pii-Holding you acquire established companies while at the same time being able to contribute your entrepreneurial ideas and goals.

Buy GmbH Germany:
influence throughout the country

Our focus extends beyond national borders. With Pii-Holding you can benefit from a geographically diversified investment strategy and search for profitable companies throughout Germany.

Buy GmbH Price:
Value and Investment

The price when purchasing a GmbH depends on various factors. Pii-Holding uses their extensive expertise to carry out an in-depth assessment and ensure that your investment is justified.

Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Due Diligence : Thorough due diligence is important to review all aspects of the company. This includes financial records, legal obligations, operational processes and more.
  • Financial Valuation : Have the company valued by experts like Pii Holding to ensure the purchase price is appropriate and reflects the company’s potential.
  • Integration : Consider how the company fits into your existing portfolio and how it can be integrated into your overall strategy.

Buying an older GmbH:
tradition with a modern approach

Acquiring an established GmbH offers the opportunity to leverage tradition and existing customer relationships. Pii-Holding combines proven values ​​with innovative business approaches to  fully exploit growth potential  .

Purchasing a GmbH is a significant decision that should be carefully considered. With Pii-Holding you have an experienced partner at your side who will help you take all relevant aspects into account and   take the right steps .

Frequently asked questions

Pii-Holding uses a broad network to identify potential takeover candidates. Our experts conduct thorough assessments to select the best opportunities

After the acquisition, Pii-Holding works closely with the management of the GmbH to implement growth strategies and increase the value of the company.

The purchase price is based on a thorough valuation of the company. Pii-Holding considers financial performance, potential and market conditions.