From visions to reality

Pii-Holding brings your visions from the realm of thought into tangible reality. Let us turn your innovative ideas into tangible projects and pave the way for future success.

we shape the future”

Project development:
your vision, our expertise

Project development plays a crucial role in the real estate sector and requires specialist knowledge, commitment and a clear vision. At Pii-Holding we understand that the realization of real estate projects is more than just a process – it is the realization of visions and investments. As your reliable partner in the real estate sector, we offer a wide range of services and support to make your project successful.

Conception and brainstorming:
your vision in action

Everything starts with an idea, a need or a vision. Our experts at Pii-Holding will support you in concretizing these concepts and checking their feasibility. Whether it is the development of a new residential project , a commercial area or an infrastructure project , we get your ideas moving.

Feasibility study and planning:
The basis for success

A careful feasibility study is the key to successful project development. We examine all relevant aspects, from legal and financial to technical and environmental factors . Our planning experts work closely with architects and engineers to give shape to your vision and take care of all necessary permits .

Financing and finding investors:
partnerships for success

The realization of real estate projects in the real estate sector often requires considerable financial resources. Pii-Holding supports you in identifying investors and financing options in the real estate sector. We rely on tailored solutions, be it through equity, debt or a balanced mix, to ensure your real estate vision becomes reality.

Implementation and construction:
hand in hand to completion

When all preparations have been made , implementation begins. Construction companies are commissioned and Pii-Holding ensures smooth coordination of all those involved. We monitor progress and guarantee that your project is carried out in accordance with the highest quality standards .

Completion and handover:
The vision becomes reality

After completion, completion and handover to the end users or owners takes place. Whether it is selling real estate, renting or transitioning to operations , Pii-Holding ensures a seamless transition .

Frequently asked questions

Project development in real estate is the process in which real estate projects are planned, financed and implemented from conception to completion . This can include the construction of residential, commercial or infrastructure projects.

Tax aspects of real estate projects can be diverse, including property taxes, VAT and profit taxation. Thorough review and planning is essential to achieve tax optimization .